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Josh Saboorizadeh

University of Missouri-Columbia
Graduate Student Worker
Columbia, Missouri
My research is focused on Iranian-American playwrights and their work. As an Iranian-American, I am interested in complicating and broadening how I understand ethnic identity and the impact it has had on my inter & intrapersonal experience. My practice with Theatre of the Oppressed (TO) has been a catalyst for much of this research.
I co-facilitated a workshop last year "Adapting TO Activities as a Method for Teaching Creativity". I am also interested in exposing the interdisciplinary nature of TO with other areas of study. I have been doing improv for about 10 years and this has greatly impacted how I practice TO.
I also have worked with Marc Weinblatt and Zhalee Almaee at the Mandala Center for Change crafting my skills with TO facilitation and playback theatre.