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Millie Duran

Casa Milagro Youth Solutions
Two of the Casa Milagro  Board Members and one of the actors attended training by Augusto Boal in Denver in 2004.  Chair, Millie Duran completed her Masters Degree in Public Administration with an emphasis in Domestic Violence and Policy Development.  Board Member, Vicki Nash had lengthy training in Pedagogy of the Oppressed. In 2010 they wanted to address unresolved abuse issues of youth that they had been subjected to as children.  They organized Casa Milagro Youth Solutions and brought Progones from the Bronx to provide additional training on the forum theater techniques. Casa Milagro has taken three performances to at-risk youth in alternative high schools, Denver and Jefferson and Adams county schools, boys and girls clubs, former youth from Gang Rescue and Support Project, (GRASP), Gang Reduction and Initiative of Denver (GRID) and youth conferences.  Casa Milagro presented a workshop, 'Rehearsing for Life' for Denver and area youth in December.  The performances address, teen dating violence, bullying, and gang intervention.  Casa Milagro has grown and continues to recognize the interest and opportunity the youth specactors have in being provided a voice for their real-life issues.