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Tatiana Grasso

PTO - Board Member
London, UK / São Paulo, Brasil
Tatiana Grasso is an impassioned educator, theatre director and drama teacher with a well-established career in the performing arts that began in 2001. She completed her Performing Arts (Theatre and Education) degree in Brazil and her Master’s of Performing Arts (Theatre) in France, both focused on Augusto Boal’s theory and practice. Employed by the respected Parisian Theatre of the Oppressed (Théâter de L’Opprimé) company in 2007, Tatiana became proficient in Theatre of the Oppressed methodology and worked extensively with groups of people from diverse cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds for three years in Parisians suburbs. She has performed in and directed plays that travelled internationally as a part of respected theatre companies in France, Spain, Italy, Brazil and Australia, promoting debates, reflection and ways of (re)thinking the world, wherever she goes.
Living in Brazil, France, Australia, US and the UK over the past 9 years, Tatiana has continued to work with Theatre of the Oppressed ideologies within formal and informal institutions, ranging from universities to established and new theatre companies. With diverse groups of people, Tatiana had the chance to address a variety of themes during the workshops, which culminated in many significant Forum Theatre performances around the world for a mixture of spectators.
In Chicago, 2015, Tatiana joined the board of PTO —Pedagogy and Theatre of the Oppressed—after being moved by the power of the conference.
Living in London since September last year, Tatiana has mostly committed her time to her two young kids as well as planning their next family adventure in Bali, Indonesia, where they will be living from July.
"Theatre runs through my veins and Theatre of the Oppressed has defined how I act towards internal and external struggles".